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The digital logbook

Vimcar is interface partner

Vimcar has revolutionized the driver's logbook. The solution was developed together with tax advisors and offers legally compliant and uncomplicated trip documentation for self-employed persons, freelancers and company car users. Vimcar works with two components: A small plug for the car that anyone can plug in themselves and software for smartphone or browser. The networked plug records each trip fully automatically in the background and makes the data available in the Vimcar software seconds after parking. In just three clicks, each trip is categorized as a company trip, work trip or private trip. Subsequent changes are logged and logbooks are kept encrypted for ten years in the Vimcar data center in Nuremberg. The Vimcar logbook can be forwarded at any time to tax consultants or auditors as a tamper-proof, digitally signed PDF file using the export function, or inserted into accounting software for further processing. You can easily find out how much you can save by using a driver's logbook under vimcar.de errechnen.

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