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Digital document exchange

With DATEV Meine Steuern provide us with tax-relevant receipts and information via online portal or mobile app. You can categorize the documents when uploading them or send them unsorted. A list of recommended documents in the portal helps you select relevant information.

Your benefit

  • Complete independence of time and location when providing tax-relevant documents
  • No travel thanks to location-independent processing options
  • Maximum security when exchanging via the DATEV cloud - and secure archiving
  • Support for the recording of documents through a list of recommended documents
  • Structured, clear filing of documents in the client portal based on categories (e.g. rental, insurance)
    • Free choice between processing on the desktop and mobile processing (via the apps DATEV Upload mobile and DATEV SmartLogin)

Freizeichnung online

Via the Online-Portal DATEV Freizeichnung online we provide tax returns and e-balances for you. You can then approve or reject them digitally. The tax return is available to you in the portal for a further 21 days.

Your benefit

  • You will be informed by mail as soon as your tax return is available for inspection
  • You check the tax return in the comfort of your own home
  • Trips are eliminated
  • Opening hours of our office do not matter for you
  • Your data is transferred via a DATEV cloud service and thus secured.

Start the digital age with us!

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