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Your tax advisor across borders

Tel. +49 151 28960404 | E-Mail to mail@solvetax.de
(Opening Times Mo. – Do.: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Fr.: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm CET )


Support across national borders


Diligence is our top priority


Sorgfalt wird bei uns großgeschrieben

The expertise - our strength

Time is money - for our customers, too. That's why we work in optimized digital processes.

In addition to ongoing consulting, we offer in-depth services in our areas of specialization, from which you will benefit:

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  • Inbound consulting (consulting for expansion/investment of foreign companies or investors in Germany)
  • Outbound consulting (consulting for expansion/investment of domestic companies or investors abroad)
  • Emigration and immigration advice
  • Use of expatriates / employee secondment
  • Support with international business relations (tax)
  • International inheritance and gift tax
  • etc.

  • Consulting for the choice of the optimal corporate form
  • Advice on the design of group structures
  • Real Estate Tax
  • Taxation of cryptocurrencies
  • Investment Strategy Consulting
  • etc.

  • Support in the preparation of a business plan
  • Legal form advice
  • Support in applying for start-up grants
  • Company formation and registration
  • Founder Coaching
  • etc.

Feel free to make an appointment with us and we will be glad to help you.

Your digital tax adviser

With our digital tools, we can serve you anytime, and anywhere. Be it on a business trip, on vacation in Bali or from home. With our digital tools we ensure a smooth exchange of information and a good cooperation.

Gemeinsam erfolgreich

With tax consulting, you outsource an important part of your business. We always see ourselves as part of your company, so we work TOGETHER as a team. No matter which way you will go - we will go it together. In doing so, we always focus on your goal and actively support you in what you do.

News from the world of taxation.

"To be able to file an income tax return, you have to be a philosopher. It's too difficult for a mathematician."


"...In this world, there is nothing more certain than death and taxes."


Die Unkenntnis der Steuergesetze befreit nicht von der Pflicht Steuern zu zahlen.
Die Kenntnis aber häufig !


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