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Reclaiming the German tax

If you are only staying in Germany for a short time for a holiday job, you generally have to pay taxes despite the short stay. This can amount to several hundred euros. An income tax return can reclaim up to 100% of the tax paid.

We support you in this process so that you can get your tax back in Germany without any complications. And at a fixed price and 100% in a digital way.

This service is exclusively for holiday jobbers from Indonesia who have been in Germany for up to 4 months.

  1. Fill out our data collection form
  2. Send us the following documents
    – Copy of your passport
    – German „Lohnsteuerbescheinigung
  3. We preparing the Tax Return and sending it via E-Mail to your hand
  4. After your release, we transmit the Tax Return to the financial office
  5. The processing time of the tax office is usually 1-3 months
  6. After receiving the tax refund on our account, we will transfer the amount minus the costs and fees to your specified account. (Payment service provider Wise)

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